UTQ certification guidelines

  1. Risbo uses the national UTQ competences for the purpose of awarding the UTQ certificate, as agreed in VSNU context with all Dutch universities.
  2. Neither Risbo nor the EUR gives an exemption from the UTQ. Every lecturer must obtain a UTQ.
  3. Risbo awards a UTQ certificate if the final competences as mentioned above are fulfilled. To this end, 5 Proofs of Competence have to be handed in, which together constitute the evidence for the UTQ (to be requested from Risbo).
  4. If a lecturer has obtained a UTQ certificate at another Dutch university, this also applies to the EUR.
  5. If a lecturer has obtained a teaching or didactic certificate at a foreign university, this does not count as a UTQ certificate. To obtain a UTQ certificate, the Dutch final competencies must be met and the 5 PoCs must be handed in.
  6. Risbo cannot advise on the value of a certificate obtained elsewhere (abroad).

Shortened pathway, only in the following cases:

  • If a teacher has obtained a teaching qualification (PO or 1st /2nd grades VO) in the Netherlands or a UK teaching qualification certificate, a lesson observation must be done and PoC 3 and 4 provided. The teacher also conducts an intake interview with an educational expert, receives feedback and conducts a final interview. After positive expert assessment, he/she receives the UTQ certificate.
  • If a teacher has obtained a foreign didactic certificate, he/she must demonstrate that the scope of the didactic course/track is at least 100 hours and that the themes of vision, design, delivery, assessment, evaluation and reflection of education have been covered. If there is sufficient evidence of this, this teacher can follow the same procedure as under item 7. If not, the entire UTQ track must be followed for the purpose of a UTQ certificate.


PoC 3. A lesson observation with video recording by education coach and a feedback discussion following the lesson observation. 
PoC 4. A constructed test + review model meeting the three quality criteria (validity, reliability, transparency).

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