Educational Research

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Risbo has a long history of conducting policy-oriented research in all sectors of education. Through this research - based on science-based methods - Risbo aims to contribute to improving the quality of education. 

Policy makers and education administrators can thus not only 

  1. make evidence-based decisions about the course of education policy in the future, but also
  2. make a more conscious choice among various policy alternatives.

Our experts have both administrative and educational expertise in these fields and often work together in a multidisciplinary research team. Typical of our approach is the combination of acquiring and sharing scientifically founded insights and providing practice-oriented recommendations.

Examples of educational research

Examples of educational research (co)conducted by Risbo include: the Basic Education Monitor NPRZ, in which the state of education in Rotterdam South is compared annually with other areas (including the G4), research into the effects of career orientation courses, research into determinants of study success but also, for example, research into the impact of participation in after-school activities on the self-efficacy of pupils in secondary education, evaluation research into the functioning of the Education Council and research into good governance in education.


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