Research advice

Risbo can help and advise you in developing and conducting (scientific) quantitative and qualitative research. Our expertise can be used in the various phases of conducting research:

Developing research

Risbo often sits at the table in the development phase of new research and research methods. Researchers from our team also regularly sit on the supervisory committee of other studies. 

Research design and preparation 

Risbo can support you in the preparatory phase of your research by formulating clear research questions, creating a research design, and selecting and developing the appropriate research instruments.  

Linking and preparing complex data files 

We have specific expertise in linking complex data files and then preparing them for analysis. Read more about this service.

Research skills 

Risbo offers customized practical training focused on research design, implementation and reporting. Examples include fieldwork training or interview training for researchers, research assistants and students.


In addition, our experts can assist with data analysis, for example using SPSS or ATLAS.ti, and with preparing reports.


Jan de Boom

Jan de Boom

Director / senior researcher

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