Basic Examiner Qualification

EUR teachers have the option of obtaining a Basic Examiner Qualification. The BEQ trajectory is a compact individual portfolio trajectory that can be tailor-made from short didactical modules on assessment. The BEQ trajectory covers the entire assessment cycle at course level from design to evaluation.

Are you facing the challenge of updating or adapting your course assessments? Do you want to be able to make decisions about the results of your test more confidently? Or do you want to be able to advise colleagues on assessment quality, for example as a member of an assessment committee? Are you looking for an efficient way to refresh, expand or demonstrate your competence in assessment? Then the BEQ trajectory is interesting for you!

Content and form

For the BEQ you need to participate in a series of 3 (or more) BEQ MicroLabs, which are scheduled 2 times per year for open-enrollment. You also need to complete the corresponding Proofs of Competence. At the end of the trajectory, your portfolio containing the Proofs of Competence is assessed for the BEQ certificate. You can follow these MicroLabs:

  1. How to design an assessment plan for your course
  2. How to construct assignments & alternative modes of assessment AND/OR How to construct exams & questions
  3. How to analyze & evaluate your assessment

Descriptions and dates for these MicroLabs can be found on the website of the Community for Learning and Innovation

I had really been "searching" for years to find proper training on these topics. Because of the BEQ, I feel much more competent to properly fulfill my role as topic coordinator and examiner and to support my colleagues in this respect!

Registration and costs

If you would like to sign up for the BEQ, please complete the online application form. You can select the MicroLabs you want to enroll for in the form. For Erasmus MC: send an email to Individual enrollment is not possible for Non-EUR teachers.

Participation is free for all EUR teachers for both open enrollment and group trajectories. 

If you wish to request a group BEQ trajectory, please contact Marit Nieuwenhuys. A BEQ trajectory aimed at assessment committees is also available upon request.

Frequently asked questions

There is some overlap, but the MicroLabs all go beyond the UTQ content on the topic of assessment: The MicroLabs offer you additional resources and activities ánd new opportunities to work on your assessment products and to receive feedback. No exemptions are given, but you can use your assessment related work from the UTQ as a foundation for your BEQ.

That is not a requirement, but we do advise it as the content has probably been updated. It also offers you a chance to refresh your knowledge and receive additional feedback. You will always need to complete the latest version of the Proof of Competence for your BEQ portfolio.

Download the BEQ overview


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Marit Nieuwenhuys

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