Senior Examiner Qualification

The Senior Examiner Qualification (SEQ) course is offered by Risbo and the Community for Learning and Innovation (CLI) to stimulate and improve the professionalisation of lecturers. It is intended for teachers that are (prospective) members of examination boards and/or program coordinators/directors at an Erasmus School or institute. The aims of this course are to improve knowledge and skills on quality of assessment in higher education, at the level of schools and/or degree programs. 


The SEQ course is designed for (prospective) members of examination boards and/or program coordinators/directors at an Erasmus School or institute. Faculty learning & innovation officers or policy advisors are also welcome to join in. Each participant is expected to bring in an ambition or challenge regarding enhancing the quality of assessment within their school, supported by their examination board and management team - to ensure knowledge dissemination with the school. 

Content and organization 

  • Each participant will take on an innovation project/quality enhancement project that contributes to quality (assurance) of assessment within the school or degree program. 

  • 5 day-sessions are planned for this course.  

  • Participants work on various themes regarding the quality of assessment (such as programmatic assessment), and will also analyse and discuss their school's assessment policies and the quality of exams.  

  • The sessions are set up to be interactive and are focussed on collaborative learning, vision development and application to participant's practice. 

Approximately 70 hours of time investment is required for preparation/homework, meeting attendance and working on SEQ portfolio products. 


National learning outcomes and qualities have been determined for the SEQ certificate. These guide the proof of competence that participants must provide to be certified. To obtain a SEQ certificate participants should provide a certain number of "tangible” portfolio products so that this "evidence" can be assessed. After successful completion of the trajectory and positive assessment of this portfolio, participants are awarded a Senior Examiner Qualification (SEQ).  


Individual registration for the new inter-school program 2024-2025 is now open, until June 3, 2024. A maximum of 15 participants can take part, from different schools/institutes of Erasmus University. The costs for (EUR)participation (€3,800 per participant) are completely funded by CLI. 

To register for this trajectory, please send an e-mail to

The SEQ-trajectory has taught me about the many different ways in which assessment can contribute to learning and good and efficient education.


Marit Nieuwenhuys

Marit Nieuwenhuys

Educational consultant & course coordinator

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