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Below you see an overview of our planned courses. Both the UTQ as well as the SUTQ are available multiple times a year. To see the different start dates per trajectory, just click on the trajectory of your choice and scroll down to see when the next cohort will start.

  • Didactics of Delivery

    The Didactics of Delivery of Education trajectory is designed for beginning lecturers, tutors and PHD who would like to improve their didactical skills
  • University Teaching Qualification

    Risbo offers the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) trajectory, which is mandatory for all teachers at Dutch universities.
  • Senior University Teaching Qualification

    The Senior University Teaching Qualification is a trajectory for lecturers in higher education, aiming to improve the fulfilment of their various senior roles.
  • Senior Examiner Qualification

    (prospective) Members of examination boards and/or program coordinators/directors of the EUR can follow the Senior Examiner Qualification track via Risbo&CLI

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