In addition to training and consulting, Risbo is also actively engaged in conducting (applied) scientific research into complex issues in the social and public domains. Our team is strong due to its broad expertise in research methodologies, combined with the diverse academic background of its researchers. Our research themes range from social issues in metropolitan contexts or educational challenges to issues at the intersection of public administration, security and IT. In short: we can help you with a wide range of research assignments.

As part of Erasmus University, Risbo has easy access to the latest research and publications. This also gives us the opportunity to spar with scholars, to write proposals and conduct research together with other EUR researchers and specialists. Our research clients include several relevant regional and national parties, such as the municipalities of Rotterdam and The Hague and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Sciences.


For every research assigment we design a tailored appraoch, including working closely with outside partners, if needed and relevant. For example Kieskompas, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Knowledge Workplace Rotterdam Talent (Kenniswerkplaats Rotterdams Talent). Read more about our partnerships.

Aim for the rainbow

Research into perpetrators of LHBTQ-violence


Social status migrant workers

Longitudinal study into own experiences

Factory workers

Impact research

Research that contributes to sustainable change of behaviour

Impact research Risbo

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