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To create effective and engaging learning experiences, it can be very helpful and supporting to organize an intructional design workshop with your team. With an interactive and collaborative session, full of activities such as brainstorming, group discussions, and hands-on exercises, Risbo's intructional design workshop is perfect to lay or fortify the educational groundwork for your course or learning module.

The foundation of our workshop is our educational manifest. We encourage  a learner-centered approach, which encorporates active learning strategies, peer learning and feedback to maximize learner engagement and retention.

Target group

The workshop typically involves content matter experts, instructors, instructional designers and other relevant stakeholders.  

Contents and form

During the workshop, participants work closely togethering formulating a mission statement, defining the target group and analyzing the learning goals and course objectives  The workshop also focuses on selecting appropriate technologies  to enhance the learning experience. The aim of the workshop is to explore different instructional strategies, content organization, and assessment methods, which together form the storyboard of the course or learning module.  

By the end of the workshop, participants gain a clear roadmap and action plan for designing and developing all the learning materials and activitities for the course, along with valuable insights and best practices in instructional design. 


Kris Stabel

Kris Stabel

Deputy director/senior consultant

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