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Since 2010, the Knowledge Workshop Rotterdam Talent (KWP) has existed, uniting both the municipality and knowledge and educational institutions from Rotterdam. Risbo is part of this, and is also its coordinator. The parties involved want to generate and exchange more knowledge and create more coalitions in Rotterdam between researchers, policy makers and educational professionals.

The connection between research, policy and practice is at the heart of the KWP Rotterdam Talent. We want to contribute to the quality of education in Rotterdam, focusing on the conditions and mechanisms that stimulate students to develop talent throughout their school career.

The starting point of the workshop is that developing and applying that knowledge are not necessarily two different things: rather, the workshop wants to make explicit use of the knowledge that exists in practice (co-creation). In other words, the workshop wants to provide "evidence for practice," but also use "practice-based evidence" to improve the practice of education and education policy.

More information can be found on the website of the Knowledge Network Rotterdam.


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