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Risbo provides educators in secondary and higher education with short, tailormade "how-to" modules about specific educational issues or didactical questions. These thematic workshops are compact and quite short, which makes them easy to fit in for lecturers with a very busy schedule. Are you looking for ways to, for example, include gamebased learning in your course? Or do you want to know how to encourage societal impact in your course? or maybe you are looking for ways to create a more culturally inclusive classroom? We can help you achieve this with one of our workshops.

A workshop generally takes about two to four hours. It involves an online preparation (and qualification), followed by a live session. During the session, all participants work on their own education material, to make sure that after finishing the workshop, everybody has a concrete result for their own education. To keep the workshops interactive, the ideal group size is about 6-10 lecturers. 

Thematic overview

Workshops can be tailored for your team or department, focusing on topics such as a blended set up, peer feedback, written feedback, the visualisation of content and educational videos. 

Furthermore, we are happy to provide a workshop about bigger, systematic topics, such as impact driven education, cultural inclusivity and societal impact.

Are you looking for strengthening your knowledge and competency in the following aspects of delivery of education? Risbo has the expertise to help you out, for example with:

  • active learning
  • connecting coaching to learning
  • online learning
  • problem based learning
  • formative practice
  • gamebased learning
  • supervision of thesis students

Assessment of education is an important element of high quality education, and should be aligned with the learning objectives. Risbo can help analyze and evaluate your current assessment and help find improvements or alternatives of (re)design an assessment plan. Furthermore, Risbo provides support with:

  • programmatic assessment
  • assessment matrices
  • MC questions & open-ended question exams and rubrics
  • group assignments


On behalf of the Community for Learning and Innovation (Erasmus University), Risbo develops and organizes this type of workshop for EUR teachers, titled "MicroLabs". You can read more about these MicroLabs on the CLI website.


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