Impact research

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Impact research Risbo

How can you make (educational) interventions become powerful learning experiences that lead to sustainable behavior change? Risbo-Impact Research provides insight into how to increase the quality of your intervention and to bring about this sustainable behavioral change.

Risbo-Impact research takes place according to a step-by-step plan, with frequent contact moments.  Instead of scientific reporting, the emphasis is on collaborative learning and thus on increasing intervention impact. The collaboration in RIsbo-Impact Research is therefore not a linear process of assignment and delivery, but an iteration of regular coordination and collaboration between all involved: researchers, educationalists and the client(s) work very closely together. 

Theory of Change

In Risbo-Impact research the theory of change is the starting point. This means that we critically examine whether the intervention you deploy offers a solution to the problem you are experiencing. We do this by drawing up a so-called impact map: an overview of causes and effects and the connection between them. In order to know whether an intervention leads to a sustainable learning experience, we do not measure directly after the implementation of the intervention, but after a certain period of time. Ultimately, the data collection, analysis and reporting provide concrete educational or organizational action points, with which you can increase the impact of an (educational) intervention.  

Risbo impact research is conducted under the supervision of an educational expert and a researcher. Are you interested in what impact research can do for you? Then get in touch with us!


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