Method Development of Youth-led initiatives for Social Inclusion

Client: Erasmus+ / Nederlands Jeugdinstituut

Within this project, MYLIFE, we aim to work towards a methodology for the social inclusion of NAMS (=Newly Arrived Migrant Students), combining the learning environments from projects that aim to get NAMS prepared for school with social neighborhood projects. With the goal to come with one initiative that addresses both perspectives. The projects aims to use promising elements of two NAMS-led projects (1) a promising summer school for NAMS aimed at better integration into education form in the Netherlands. And (2) NAMS-led sports and cultural activities at Fryshuset where NAMS are encouraged and given the responsibility to lead these activities which builds knowledge and self-esteem that elevates their inherent power. By involving youth in different processes and provide them with tools and knowledge we promote NAMS' empowerment in helping them shape their own future. In this way, the methodology will be relevant and attractive for both NAMS and other youth.

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