Erasmus+ project Online Proctoring for Remote Examination

Client: Erasmus + Program

Risbo is part of the international consortium that received the Erasmus + grant for the project “Online Proctoring for Remote Examination”. With online proctoring students can be examined off campus, online and in a safe environment.

The international consortium aims to support the development of online proctoring within higher education institutes. The project will explore and further investigate current practices of remote examination in order to gather state-of-the-art and best practices on current European approaches to remote examination.

Risbo will be in the lead of exploring the impact of remote examination on accreditation of educational programmes and will develop, as a result, a remote examination “rulebook". The rulebook will be based on existing laws, rules an d procedures in the participating countries, but also on best practices and specific solutions that have either already been established or will be established during the project. Next to that, Risbo will perform various pilots at the EUR in order to further develop, test and implement the remote examination practices.

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