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Client: St. de Verre Bergen

'Stichting de Verre Bergen' (SDVB) wants to make a contribution to the city of Rotterdam. To make a positive impact on the city, it is important to address and develop the potential of children in every Rotterdam neighbourhood. Education plays a crucial role in this. However not all children from Rotterdam have the same opportunities to address and develop their potential optimally. SDVB is determining a strategy on how they can make a sustainable contribution to Rotterdam's primary education in order to support the potential of Rotterdam's children to the fullest.
To do this, SDVB needs insights into the causes of the various problems and into highly promising solutions in primary education. Risbo conducts this study. The purpose of the research is to acquire the most objective indicative framework possible of the most significant bottlenecks which hinder the optimum use of the potential of pupils in Rotterdam's education. Here it's important that the research also provides an insight into the underlying causes, thus offering starting points for possible solution directions. The research consists of a literature quick-scan, interviews with experts and interviews with educational professionals in the teaching field.

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