Knowledge Network on Rotterdam Talent

The Knowledge Network on Rotterdam Talent (KWP) has a dual objective. On the one hand the network is intended to contribute to knowledge development involving Rotterdam talent. On the other it wishes to contribute to the exchange and application of that knowledge, and thus to improving educational policy and the practice of education in Rotterdam (through the use of this knowledge). The starting point of the network is that the development and application of the knowledge are not necessarily two different things. The workshop in fact wants to make explicit use of the knowledge present in practice (co-creation). In other words the network wants to deliver 'evidence-for-practice', but also deploy 'practice-based-evidence' to improve the practice of education and educational policy. Rotterdam educational institutions are linked to the KWP. Since the end of 2010 they have met regularly to carry out a variety of activities. Coordination lies with Risbo. An annual plan is drawn up each year, which is approved by the Steering Group, representatives of the Municipality of Rotterdam, the Youth and Educational service and the Erasmus University.

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