'Unregistered’ children with an EU background in Rotterdam

Client: Gemeente Rotterdam, Afdeling ONderwijs en Directie: Veiligheid

Worrying indications were received by the Municipality of Rotterdam (MO cluster) about children of EU citizens. Part of this group were apparently not attending school, and/or were not registered with the municipality. There also appeared to be a group of youths staying in Rotterdam without any legal guardianship. Risbo was asked to investigate the extent, nature and backgrounds of children of EU migrants who did not appear in Rotterdam’s Population Registration. Here we looked specifically at a) unregistered and non-school-attending school-aged children of EU migrants; b) unregistered but indeed school-attending school-aged children of EU migrants, and c) unregistered children/youths without any legal guardians. The research consisted of three research sections: a desk study of the relevant literature, a quantitative analysis of available data files, and qualitative research by way of interviews with experts and professionals with knowledge of the target group.

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