Good Management in Educational Institutions

Client: Ministerie OCW/ Directie Kennis

This study focuses on the question as to where 'good management' has been proved to work in the Dutch 'PO/VO/BVE' and 'HE' educational sectors. We are looking for lessons which can be learned from the way in which school administrations (and stakeholders inside and outside the school) are able to prevent any potential problems. The study documents where the system of relationships, participation and agreements (the governance) has functioned demonstrably. Using six cases, an in-depth study is made into situations where a 'near accident' was prevented, for example through the timely intervention by management, a Supervisory Board or a (g)MR. We consider the way in which good governance is realised in the organisational structure and in the culture. The situations where organised 'counter-forces' have worked can then serve as examples for other schools and institutions.

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