Research on Lifestyle, Happiness and Health

Client: Univ-VGZ-IZA-Trias

This project concerns longitudinal research on lifestyle, happiness and health and is based on the “Day Reconstruction Method” (Kahneman et al., 2004). The Day Reconstruction Method (DRM) assesses how people spend their time and how they experience the various activities they engage in. Through a diary, participants systematically reconstruct their activities and experiences of the preceding day. Participants will be able to compare their happiness level to that of other participants who participate in this research and live under similar life circumstances. As such, participants get more insight into their current lifestyle and accompanying happiness. In the long run, this project will generate useful information on life choices and its effects on happiness, such as early retirement, marriage, having children, divorce and so on.


Oerlemans, W.G.M., Bakker, A.B., Veenhoven, R. (2010, under review). Finding the key to happy aging: A day reconstruction study of happiness. Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences

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