Room: T11-30

S. (Sandra) Lousberg MSc

Educational consultant and trainer

Sandra Lousberg MSc started working at Risbo in 2019 as an educational consultant and trainer. She is involved with the development of online education and training. She is specialized in interactive and collaborative learning, group dynamics, didactics and formative assessment. She also designs illustrations for presentations and videos to visualize (complex) concepts and is available as a graphic recorder/facilitator. Sandra studied educational Science at Leiden University, she also was a teacher for 10 years and an educational consultant in primary and secondary education for another 10 years.

Ondersteuning docenten EMI bij het ontwerp en de ontwikkeling van onderwijsbijeenkomsten voor het Executive Program Strategische Marketing & Doeltreffend Management
Development of an interactive innovative course on museum
Workshop: een lesplan ontwikkelen met activerende werkvormen
Vakontwerp ISS – Carpe Diem 2019
Basisdidactiek & Groepsdynamiek voor PhD’s ESL
All projects from Sandra
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