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G. (Giovanni) Nobre MSc

Educational Consultant

Giovanni Nobre MSc started working at Risbo in 2017 as an educational consultant. In 2010, he began his Bachelor in Educational Sciences at Utrecht University and in 2015 completed the Master in Educational Sciences at the same university. He wrote his master thesis in Cape Town, focusing on the effectiveness of the MenCare project. The program included educational workshops for young men to engage them as partners in sexual and reproductive health to achieve gender equality. During and after his studies, Giovanni gained teaching and coaching experience at various educational institutions. Within Risbo, Giovanni is engaged with the development of online education, providing instructional training and supervising university teachers for their university teaching qualification.

Online training coaching skills voor studentbuddies
Pre-bachelor module studievaardigheden 2020-2021
CLI LifeVersity (S4S)
Tentamen Servicepunt 2019-2020
Trainingen Basisdidactiek ESHPM
All projects from Giovanni
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