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A. (Alexandra) van den Heerik MSc


Alexandra van den Heerik (MSc) has been working as a researcher and trainer at Risbo since 2016. In recent years she has gained expertise in the field of:
Social Issues and Policy (integration, social cohesion, inclusion)
Liveability in neighbourhoods (gentrification, safety, social initiatives)
Education (innovation, diversification, inclusion)

She is currently conducting research into the efficacy of bottom-up social initiatives, the significance of sexually intimidating behaviour in Rotterdam's nightlife and the consequences of a flexible closing policy for bars and restaurants. She is also involved in the European SIRIUS network that focuses on diversity in education. In addition to conducting research, Alexandra also regularly provides training to (refugee) students on study skills or qualitative research methods.

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Pre-bachelor module studievaardigheden 2020-2021
Oorzaken en triggerfactoren disriminatie personen van Afrikaanse afkomst in Nederland
Ondersteuning Monitor Honours Onderwijs 2019-2020
Pre-bachelor module Studievaardigheden voor vluchtelingen
All projects from Alexandra
Koehler, C.; Kakos, M.; Sharma-Brymer, V.; Schneider, J.; Tudjman, T.; Van den Heerik, A.; Le Pichon, E.; Baauw; Ravn, S.; Nouwen, W.; Clycq, N.; Timmerman, C.; Denkelaar, M.; Palaiologou, N.;Toumpoulidis, G.; Michail, D. (2017: in druk). Multi-country Partnership to Enhance the Education of Refugee and Asylum-seeking Youth in Europe - Comparative Report PERAE. european forum for migration studies (efms). Institute at the University of Bamberg.
Heerik, A. van den & Seidler, Y. (2017) Pilot onderzoek; Veiligheidsbeleving Invi Bracelet. Rotterdam: Risbo.
Weltevrede, A., Heerik, A. van den, Wolff, R., Boom, J. de en Seidler Y. (2017) Netwerken in de buurt; Een onderzoek naar het nieuwe zorgconcept Buurtcirkel. Movisie. ISBN 978-90-8869-132-4.

Tudjman, T., Heerik, A. van den, Pichon, E. le & Baauw, S. (2016) Multi-country Partnership to Enhance the Education of Refugee and Asylum-seeking Youth in Europe: Refugee Education in the Netherlands. Rotterdam: Risbo.
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