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drs. K. (Kris) Stabel

Educational Advisor

Kris Stabel studied History at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), where he also achieved an academic teaching qualification. After six years' experience as a teacher in secondary education in Belgium he moved to the Netherlands, where he gained further professionalism as an educational project leader with educational agencies. As project manager he built up e-learning expertise in online teaching for companies and educational institutions. Kris has worked as an educational advisor at Risbo since 2014. Among other things he is involved in the development of online teaching at EUR, the development of MOOCS and as trainer and coach in the Basic University Teaching Qualification and Senior University Teaching Qualification.

Ondersteuning docenten EMI bij het ontwerp en de ontwikkeling van onderwijsbijeenkomsten voor het Executive Program Strategische Marketing & Doeltreffend Management
Workshop How to Carpe Diem
CLI LifeVersity (S4S)
Begeleiding van de Ontwikkeling van de Online Masterclass (MOOC) voor Infotron
MOOC: When disasters meet conflict
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