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drs. A.M. (Afke) Weltevrede


Drs Afke Weltevrede works at Risbo as a researcher and training actress. Among other things she specialises in conducting research into the social position and policy concerning vulnerable groups, migrant groups and liveability in neighbourhoods. She is currently conducting research as a project leader into EU labour migrants and the new care concept 'Buurtcirkels' ('key ring') for people with a disability. She is also a member of the European NAOS network which focuses on diversity in education.
Afke Weltevrede studied Sociology (Masters 'Social Issues and Policy' and 'Metropolitan Issues and Policy') at Erasmus University Rotterdam. After that she completed a theatre programme. She combines her sociology and acting background at Risbo in the training and courses she conducts and designs. As training actor and trainer, she works on role-playing, didactic courses, coaching trajectories, communication and diversity training courses and interview training.

Basisdidcatiek & Groepsdynamiek AIO’s DPAS 2020-2021
Pre-bachelor module studievaardigheden 2020-2021
Training coaching vaardigheden Management en Technologie 2020
Training ESE-student representatives
Eendaagse trainingen Groepsdynamiek en basididactiek voor DPAS tutoren
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Weltevrede, A.M., Y. Seidler en J. de Boom (2014). Zelforganisaties van Midden- en Oost-Europeanen. Rotterdam: Risbo.
Boom, J. de, A. Weltevrede, Y. Seidler, P. van Wensveen, E. Snel and G. Engbersen (2014). Migration and migration policies in the Netherlands 2012. Dutch SOPEMI-report 2012. Rotterdam, Risbo.
Weltevrede, A.M., J. de Boom, M. van San, T. Tudjman, P. van Wensveen, T. Konrad (2012) Mobiliteit van Antilliaanse Nederlanders. Een inventariserend onderzoek naar de aard, omvang, oorzaken en consequenties van mobiliteit. Rotterdam: Risbo
Weltevrede, A.M., J. de Boom, S. Rezai, L. Zuijderwijk en G. Engbersen (2009). Arbeidsmigranten uit Midden- en Oost-Europa. Een profielschets van recente arbeidsmigranten uit de MOE-landen. Rotterdam: Risbo. ISBN 9789076613482.
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