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dr. S.G.A. (Sanne) van Herpen

Educational Advisor/Researcher

Sanne van Herpen (MSc) has worked as an educational researcher and advisor at Risbo since 2007. In her work she focuses mainly on the theme of academic success in higher education. As a researcher she is currently concentrating, in a PhD programme, on the transition from pre-university education to the university. Using qualitative, quantitative and experimental research methods, she is studying how students prepare for and deal with the transition from pre-university education to university itself, and what effect this has on their performance in their first university year. As an advisor she applies the knowledge acquired to support managers and teachers in the (re)development of education and student supervision. She also provides incidental lessons on research methods.
Sanne van Herpen studied Pedagogical and Educational Sciences at Radboud University Nijmegen. In 2007 she graduated with a dissertation on the professional requirements of university teachers.

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Workshop Optimizing Assessment Design
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Interview met Algemeen Dagblad (28 augustus 2019). ‘Ik adviseer studenten: zoek contact’. Even vragen aan Sanne van Herpen – onderwijskundige.
van Herpen, S.G.A. (2020). Een vliegende start in het hoger onderwijs. Een reflectie op het proefschrift. Tijdschrift voor Hoger Onderwijs, 38(2), 5-19, Herpen, S.G.A van (2019) A Head Start into Higher Education. How students academically prepare and adjust for a successful transition into university. DIssertation. ISBN 978-94--028-1487-3
Herpen, S. G. A. van, Meeuwisse, M., Hofman, W. A., Severiens, S. E., & Arends, L. R. (2017). Early predictors of first-year academic success at university: pre-university effort, pre-university self-efficacy, and pre-university reasons for attending university. Educational Research and Evaluation, doi
Herpen, S.G.A. van, Meeuwisse, M., Hofman, W.H.A., Wolff, R.P., & Severiens, S.E. (2016, June 14). Paper Presentation: Types of adjusment during the transition to university. Higher Education Conference (SIG 4 EARLI), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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