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drs. T. (Tom) Tudjman


Tom Tudjman (b. 1976) graduated in public administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2001. After working for a number of faculties at this University, he joined Risbo in 2005. He has particular expertise in:

  • Social Issues and Policy (including integration, social cohesion, living together in neighbourhoods and districts, social participation and security)
  • European Issues (including International Social Affairs, Integration, Social and Educational Inclusion and Partnerships)
  • Education (including educational renewal, diversity and inclusive education)
  • Youth & the Young (upbringing issues, problem families, care and welfare).

Basisdidactiek & Groepsdynamiek voor PhD’s ESL
Training coaching vaardigheden Management en Technologie 2019
Basisdidactiek en Groepsdynamiek PhD’ers 2019-2020 ESHCC
Method Development of Youth-led initiatives for Social Inclusion
Opleidingsaanbod ESHPM docentprofessionalisering 2018-2019
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Sigurðardóttir, Anna Kristín; Morris, Andrew; Skoglund, Per; Tudjman, Tomislav (2018), Knowledge partnerships between schools and universities: modelling the process of connection and relations, in: Evidence & Policy: A Journal of Research, Debate and Practice, Volume 14, Number 4, November 2018, pp. 683-705(23)
Kool, D. de, A. Weltevrede & T. Tudjman (2017) Kansen voor kinderen. Onderzoek naar kansen en belemmeringen bij de benutting van het potentieel van leerlingen in het Rotterdamse basisonderwijs, Risbo: Rotterdam.
Tudjman, T., C. van der Linden, R. Wolff, Y. Seidler, E. Ossevoort & E. Lacor (2017). Vve Rotterdam. Investeren in een sterke basis. KWP Rotterdams Talent: Rotterdam.
Tudjman, T. & Hermus, P.W. (2017). Data-analyse voorscholen Rotterdam. Een inventarisatie en vergelijkende analyse naar resultaatafspraken van de Rotterdamse voorscholen op 1 oktober 2015 en 1 oktober 2016. Risbo: Rotterdam.
Wolff, R & Tudjman, T. (2017). Fieldwork report ALFIRK-project Dutch case: primary education. Risbo: Rotterdam.
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