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dr. G.J.A. (Gerard) Baars


Dr Gerard Baars has been the Director of Risbo since 1 February 2013. Alongside his directorship, he also concentrates on two themes. First, he focuses on educational research. Gerard researches the effect of curriculum innovations on students' results and study behavior. Also his research focuses on identifying and characterising students who are likely to drop-out in the first academic year. His second field of expertise is online education. Gerard has accumulated national and international expertise. He has also written two books on the topic, and as project leader has played an important role in the national acquisition of expertise on the didactics of online education (see 2014 Gerard has been project leader of the online education project of Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Gerard Baars studied Educational Science and Technology at the University of Twente, and also studied the teacher trainingprogramme for primary education (PABO) at the Hogeschool Enschede. In 2009 he received his PhD from Erasmus MC with research into factors explaining the academic achievements of medical students.

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Southern African Academic Leadership Programme for Tshwane University of Technology
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Kallenberg, T., Van der Grijspaarde, L., Ter Braak, A. & Baars, G. (2014). Leren (en) doceren in het hoger onderwijs (3e druk). Den Haag: Boom Lemma uitgevers.
Baars, G.J.A. & Arnold, I.J.M. (2014). Early Identification and Characterization of Students who drop out in the First Year at University. Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice, 16(1), 95-109.
Baars, G.J.A., Godor, B., Hermus, P., & Wolff, R. (2013). Uitgebreide Pilot “Nominaal = Normaal” aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam: Tussenrapportage onderzoek (februari 2013). Rotterdam: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam/Risbo.
Adriaans, M., Baars, G.J.A., Molen, H. van der., & Smeets, G. (2013). Betere studieresultaten dankzij ‘Nominaal is normaal’. In:Th&ma, 1, 30-34.
Baars, G.J.A. (2009). Factors related to student achievement in medical school (proefschrift). Den Haag: Uitgeverij LEMMA. (ISBN: 978-90-5931-521-1)
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