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Drs A.M.J.A. (Angelique) van het Kaar

Educational Advisor

Angelique van het Kaar has worked as an educational advisor at Risbo since 2000. Her work focuses mainly on teacher professionalisation. She develops and delivers didactic training programmes for teachers in higher education, for example on didactic skills, problem-based learning (PBL), activating teaching, coaching and the effective delivery of lectures. Angelique also coaches teachers in the preparation and execution of their teaching duties, and she supervises newly-appointed teachers in achieving their University Teaching Qualification.
Angelique studied Psychology at Leiden University. Until 2000 she worked as software advisor, office automation trainer and coordinator of the ICT helpdesk at the Central Computerisation Service of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Between 2001 and 2008 Angelique was a teacher-tutor for the Psychology degree programme at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Tentamen Servicepunt 2019-2020
Didactische training tbv Teaching Assistants RSM Onderwijs 2018-2019
Basic Didactics & Group Dynamics for PhD’s ISS
Didactische training tbv Teaching Assistants RSM Onderwijs 2018-2019
Eendaagse trainingen Groepsdynamiek en basididactiek voor DPAS tutoren
All projects from Angelique
Klatter, E.B. & A.M.J.A. van het Kaar, (2005). Het organiseren van grenzeloos leren. Regionale Monitor. Meting bij zes regionele onderwijsinnovaties binnen het middelbaar technisch beroepsonderwijs. Rotterdam: RISBO. ISBN: 90-76613-338
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