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dr. M.R.P.J.R. (Marion) van San

Senior Researcher

Marion van San works for Risbo as a Senior Researcher. She has recently been involved with metropolitan issues such as (youth) crime, prostitution, and radicalism and extremism. Her most recent research focuses on radicalism and extremism from a pedagogical perspective. In this she joined colleagues from Utrecht University in researching the family circumstances of youths with extreme ideals (Idealen op Drift [Ideals Adrift] 1 and 2), and with the European Commission as a principal, she conducted research into the role of parents in deradicalising their children (Formers and Families). She is also conducting research into the family circumstances of youths who have joined the armed struggle in Syria. She has recently also been investigating the role of diaspora organisations in the practice of migration in the Netherlands.

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Monitor Sociale Inclusie en Reporting Tools
De rol van diaspora organisaties in het Nederlandse migratievraagstuk
Mobiliteit Antilliaans-Nederlandse jongeren.
Monitor Antilliaanse Nederlanders en Marokkaans- Nederlandse risicojongeren
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Seidler, Y., D. de Kool & M. van San (2019) Actualisatie van het Tweeluik religie en publiek domein. Een kwalitatief onderzoek naar de interactie tussen gemeenten en religieuze organisaties, Risbo: Rotterdam.
Boom, J. de, Y. Seidler, A. Weltevrede, P. van Wensveen, M. van San en P. Hermus (2016). Rotterdamse groepen 2015. Een monitor van de maatschappelijke positie van Rotterdamse groepen. Rotterdam: Gemeente Rotterdam.
San, M. van, Belgian and Dutch youngsters who joined ISIS. Ethnographic research among the families they left behind, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, (in press)
Sikkens, E., S. Sieckelinck, M. van San & M. de Winter, Parental Reaction towards Radicalization in Young People, Child and Family Social Work, 22(1), . (in press)
Sikkens, E., M. van San, S. Sieckelinck, H. Boeije & M. de Winter, Participant recruitment through social media. Lessons learned from a qualitative radicalization study using Facebook, Field Studies, 27(2), .. (in press)
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