(Social) Safety

In the domain of social safety, Risbo has built up a great deal of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of research projects. We have carried out practically-oriented studies concerning nodal policing, but also on the use of social media by the police, the information-driven police and the impact of image material on police work. We conduct many of these studies in conjunction with colleagues from the Public Administration programme of EURís Faculty of Social Sciences.

With the Public Administration colleagues we also collaborate within the Erasmus Expertise Centre for Social Safety Studies. Researchers from this expertise centre have a great deal of knowledge and experience in research involving the police and the police force, but also in performing large-scale, quantitative research. And if the assignment requires it, we can also join the Expertise Centre in drafting in researchers from other faculties and scientific disciplines within Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Our clients include the Ministry of Security and Justice, the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations, the WODC and Police and Science.

Links to reports (in Dutch):
Filmende burgers en politie (Filming citizens and police)
Informatiegestuurde dienders (Information-guided officers)
Politie en sociale media (Police and social media)
Nationale wetten versus lokale besluiten (National laws versus local decisions)


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