Crime and social safety

Crime and the assumed relationship between migration and crime is covered regularly in the Dutch media. Risbo carries out a great deal of research in this field:
  • An example is the investigation into the relationship between asylum migration and crime, conducted at the request of the Research Program ‘Police and Science’. The point of departure for this study is that a relatively weak residence status goes together with socio-economic deprivation, which can lead to criminal behaviour. More recently the Monitor Aanpak Risicojongeren (approach to youths at risk) studied the degree and nature of crime by the more established ethnic minorities, and the Research Program ‘Police and Science’ commissioned a study into the nature and scope of crime among the new migrant groups from Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Another focus in the study into crime is the cohesion between crime and education. In collaboration with Utrecht University we conducted research into the pedagogical background of radicalisation for instance. In this study we considered the way in which youths develop ideals, and what the reaction to this is from the home and school environments. This study was commissioned by FORUM, the Institute for Multicultural Issues.
  • We also conducted a study into the educational position, home situation and crime of Antillean people in Rotterdam. To this end we drew up a systematic comparison between youths who drop out of school or not, and what the possible backgrounds and explanations might be for this. We also conducted research into crime by young Antillean men and women in Rotterdam, where we considered the family circumstances of those involved.
Ethnographic fieldwork was conducted for many of these studies.

Another theme within our research into crime focuses on the cohesion between crime and gender. Here in particular we considered the supportive and encouraging role women play in crime by (young) men. However we also devoted attention to women in their role as perpetrators of crime.
Among other things this research used police records, along with regular fieldwork, among the groups themselves and among specialist experts involved in this topic. In a number of studies we also performed quantitative research into the crime of the groups and their social positions in the Netherlands.


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