Fieldwork training

As well as carrying out a great deal of research, Risbo also provides training and advice on research. For example we provide fieldwork training and advice on methodologies and research instruments. Since 2008 Risbo has also carried out interview training for researchers, research assistants and students. During the training participants acquire the knowledge and skills they need interactively through conducting (semi-structured or in-depth) interviews. We also consider how to approach respondents, how to conduct a (semi-structured) interview and how to formulate questions and learning to follow-through on questions. Participants receive individual feedback on their interview skills. An important aspect of the training is the exercise section, where the participants use role-playing and simulations to learn to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. The participants exercise with Risbo’s training actors, who play various types of respondents, and they exercise among themselves under the supervisory guidance of the trainer or trainers.
We match the training as closely as possible to the research which the researchers or research assistants will conduct. We for instance use the item or question list of the relevant research in the role-playing, and we create the role-playing to order.

We have already provided the training above to a number of research teams of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Erasmus University, but also for example to research teams of the University of Amsterdam and master’s students of International Housing Studies (IHS) who will do fieldwork for their graduation research.

Risbo also has a training course available for conducting focus group interviews, or for conducting questionnaires.


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