Risbo has a great deal of knowledge and experience in the development of monitoring instruments and carrying out (policy) monitoring. Such monitoring is often highly practical for policy-makers to be able to review policy effects and to spot (policy) relevant developments on time. The outcomes of monitoring can thus be used to adjust policy timely , and to fine-tune it when needed.

Over recent years Risbo has developed and carried out a variety of practice-oriented monitoring programmes.

  • For instance we were responsible for the design and implementation of the Studentsí Time Utilisation Monitor, and (partly) responsible for the development and execution of the Studentsí Monitor, both of them carried out as an assignment for the Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs and Science.
  • Other monitors involving education are the monitor for the logistics quality (2004-2009) for TU Delft, which we developed at the request of the Delft University of Technology, and the Quality Control in Basic Education we developed for NWO-Bopo in collaboration with the GION.
  • A number of monitors have also been developed for migration and integration. An example of this is the Monitor Aanpak Risicojongeren (approach to youths at risk). In this research, commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, the social position of Antillean and Moroccan-Dutch youths was documented in the period 2010-2013, in the 22 Antillean municipalities and the 22 municipalities which belong to the Moroccan Dutch alliance. With this monitor the participating municipalities gained an insight into the position of these youths, along with an indication of the effectiveness of the policy measures introduced to improve the social position of the youths.
A variety of data sources was used for the monitoring. Often the data is collected using structured questionnaires which are conducted either in writing, by phone or online. Information from existing records is also used regularly.


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