Action-oriented research

Risbo has extensive expertise in action-oriented research. This is a type of process and effect evaluation which more than in 'traditional' socio-scientific effect research not only reviews the practical implementation, but which also wants to improve it step by step (where needed). So it is not just about a final evaluation, but about ongoing monitoring over the duration of the research. This means not only progress, but also hindrances can be spotted on time, and adjustment is possible.

The practical use of such participative process and evaluation research is three-pronged:
  1. Improving the action-oriented competences of the (researched) subjects questioned, by offering them insight into their actions in the social context.
  2. Creating a new way for the client to deal with the target group: interactively and dialogue-oriented.
  3. Providing insight into the scientific knowledge and formation of theories of the target group. The objective of action-oriented research is not only to bring about practical changes, but also to generate theoretical insights.


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