Knowledge Network on Rotterdam Talent

The Kenniswerkplaats Rotterdams Talent (KWP, Knowledge Network on Rotterdam Talent) has been operating since 2010, uniting the municipality and knowledge and educational institutions from Rotterdam, with Risbo as the coordinator. These parties want to generate and exchange more knowledge, and create more coalitions in Rotterdam between researchers, policy-makers and education professionals. The ultimate objective is twofold. On the one hand the network wants to contribute to knowledge development in terms of Rotterdam talent, while on the other it wishes to contribute to the exchange and application of that knowledge, and thus to improving educational policy and the practice of education in Rotterdam. The starting point is that the development and application of the knowledge are not necessary two different things. The network in fact wants to make explicit use of the knowledge present in practice (co-creation) and wants to deliver 'evidence-for-practice', but also deploy 'practice-based-evidence' to improve the practice of education and educational policy.

Activities we currently run:
  • Knowledge exchange We organise actual and virtual exchanges in the form of conferences, educational cafes, round-tables, linked-in groups, websites etc. The Network organises a continuous flow of activities in collaboration with the Rotterdams Educational Policy (ROB) programme agency and other networks like the Federatie van Onderwijskoepels and Openbaar Onderwijs Rotterdam, a school board for public primary education in Rotterdam (FOKOR).
  • Research Each of the participating knowledge institutions introduces a number of research projects. The studies are carried out by the institutions themselves, but are (also) presented as research carried out within the framework of the knowledge workshop. 'Small projects' are also conducted. These are explorations of specific themes which can show what knowledge is already present, and where there are gaps.
  • Acquisition Each of the participating knowledge institutions devotes time to the acquisition of research projects or programmes which fit within the knowledge workshop.
  • Educational activities The knowledge workshop seeks links with all programmes concerned with education in the city of Rotterdam. For example, students can participate in ongoing studies, or can carry out their internship or dissertation assignments from the knowledge network.
  • The network as a professional community In principle all the activities together contribute to the functioning of the knowledge network as a learning community. One or two activities are organised annually which have a greater impact on the development of the professional community. These might for instance be a (foreign) study trip or a conference visit, where participants from the practice, research and policy take part together.


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