Effectiveness of educational policy

Education plays a vital role in the development of growing up youths . Municipalities always accord high priority to improving the quality of education. Risbo wants to make a contribution to this by investigating the effectiveness of policy instruments and programmes. We have a great deal of experience in process and effect evaluations in primary, secondary and secondary vocational education.
  • In particular, for the municipality of Rotterdam we evaluated a number of policy lines for their content (programme composition) and implementation. As examples these programmes covered increasing learning time, summer schools and achieving better performance. For this last topic we carried out sixteen case studies for Rotterdam in both primary and secondary schools to gain insight into the operation of (successful) interventions and developments.
  • For the Ministry of Education we conducted a longitudinal investigation into the special education policy scheme in vocational education. This was a quantitative evaluation of the introduction of the personal based funding among students with a disability, itinerant teachers and school counsellors.
  • Some six specific case studies were also conducted to characterise these practices


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