Youth interventions

With research on this topic we support professionals in the youth sector in improving their range of activities. This may cover evaluations of interventions in youth care and youth assistance, but also analysing education and childrearing support programmes. We also conduct research on youth interventions in neighbourhoods. We evaluate how problem behaviour can be prevented among the young, how youths can participate better in society and can function better at home, at school, at work and in their leisure time.

Concrete interventions are:
  • Neighbourhood youth centres, sport and games programmes, informational meetings at schools and in community centres, preparatory pathways to employment.
  • For the municipality of Rotterdam we conducted research into the effectiveness of deploying ethnically-specific trajectories. Here we opted for a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods. In the quantitative analysis, various types of registrations were studied and we considered whether there is a difference between participating municipalities in whether ethnically-specific interventions were applied or not. A qualitative analysis of the ethnically-specific pathways was also performed. Here we conducted interviews with professionals, on the assumptions, objectives and results.
  • For the Youth and Education service in Rotterdam we conducted literature studies in the context of positive youth policy. We provided a scientific underpinning for the proposition that devoting attention to the broad normal positive development of all children ensures over time that less needs to be invested in care and supplementary help. We also drew up an inventory of what specific efforts exist in five domains important to the development of youths: namely childrearing and growing up, talent development, pedagogic civil society, education and care.


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