Social interventions

Risbo focuses on the analysis of interventions for a variety of social problems related to care and welfare. This may cover the development of a local social policy in neighbourhoods, care renewal, adult education, neighbourhood work (sociocultural work) and social work. We have also accumulated a great deal of expertise in vulnerable neighbourhoods in Rotterdam, but also in other medium-sized municipalities such as Leidschendam, Arnhem and Alphen aan den Rijn.
  • In Rotterdam we conducted a project in two neighbourhoods, to evaluate family support behind the front door, in which we applied the Theory of Change method . This is a new evaluation theory which is explained extensively in this report and on the website. The research showed that this Theory of Change is a viable method to investigate the effects of social interventions. Risbo has since applied this method successfully in several evaluation and effects studies.
  • For welfare and care, with this method we gained experience in evaluating the instrument when working with a neighbourhood focus. In Alphen aan de Rijn the activities of the community centre, the community work and the youth network were analysed in detail. Our work also provides an insight into the competences of professionals needed for this type of work. In Alphen professionals joined forces, organising activities not so much on a supply and demand basis, but by encouraging and facilitating residents to organise activities themselves for other residents.
  • We also focus on youths. For example we conduct research into youth centres, sport & youths, and criminal youths. This covers a range of studies: from programme evaluation to trend studies, from policy research to scenario development. In Leidschendam, for instance, we analysed a policy instrument for the municipality, where the police and care institutions came together to put criminal youths on the right track.


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