Self-sufficiency, activation and citizen participation

It’s becoming increasingly important for citizens to be self-sufficient and to work actively for society. The social sector is looking for alternative support forms, given the Dutch cabinet’s new course and the transition of the current ‘AWBZ’ and ‘WMA’ social benefit schemes. The government wants professionals to pull back, informal care to become more prevalent, and citizens to be encouraged to become independent and self-sufficient. The policy is aimed at activating citizens and at participation in society.
  • Risbo is currently conducting a study for Movisie. It concerns an intervention which fits within this development, namely the renewing ‘ Key Ring’ support concept by the care organisation Pameijer. Here a group of vulnerable people in a neighbourhood will support each other, based on their talents and strengths, thus becoming more self-sufficient in their day-to-day lives. We are conducting a reflexive network analysis for this. We call the method this because it consists of a variety of components: a network analysis, an analysis of the self-sufficiency of the participants, evaluation of the network construction process, and intensive feedback to those involved. We are also carrying out an impact measurement of the B Key Ring.
  • Another example of research in this field is the study into self-organisations among Central and Eastern Europeans, commissioned by the municipality of Rotterdam. Here on the one hand we have considered the needs for self-organisations among the different groups, and where these organisations could direct their focus. On the other, we have looked at how the groups can be encouraged to organise themselves, what support is needed for this, and what the do’s and don’ts are in setting up a self-organisation.
  • To let Antillean migrants feel more at home in the Netherlands and thus to promote their self-sufficiency, a website has been built: . Previous Risbo research into the mobility of Antillean Migrants (in 2012) showed that many young Antillean Dutch faced start-up problems, like finding an address where they are registered. The website was built at the initiative of the Anansi Working Group (part of the joint venture between the 22 Antillean municipalities). Risbo searched for and collected all the relevant information for this website, involving getting established, living, working, studying, assistance and cultural differences between the Antillean and Dutch societies. The starting point was to provide as much practical information as possible to people from Curaçao, Sint Maarten or Aruba wanting to move to the Netherlands, or to people who recently moved. In addition to information, the website also offers a realistic picture of life in the Netherlands, and explains why it is so important to take certain actions, like registering with a municipality.


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