Migration, integration and policy

The Netherlands has been an immigration country right back since 1960. First there were the guest workers and their family members from the areas around the Mediterranean, and people from the former colonial areas. Then asylum seekers came to the Netherlands. Labour migration has increased since the start of this century, mainly from Central and Eastern Europe. However integrating these new arrivals into Dutch society doesn’t always go without problems. Compared to the native population, many migrant groups and their descendants are behind in terms of education and work. Asylum migration has recently grown. In recent decades Risbo has conducted many (policy) studies at the interface of migration and integration.

Examples of this are:
  • Various studies into asylum migrants and illegal foreigners, which we have conducted in conjunction with the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSW in Dutch).
  • Research into the migration and integration of migrants from the former Yugoslavia and the former Soviet Union.
  • From 2001 up to and including 2014, Risbo joined the FSW in drawing up the annual SOPEMI report on the status and policy concerning immigration, emigration and integration in the Netherlands. We did this for the OECD publication, Trends in International Migration.
  • An example of long-term research is the Monitor Aanpak Risicojongeren (approach to youths at risk). In this research, the social position of Dutch youths with a Antillean or Moroccan background was reviewed in the period 2010-2013. With this research, commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, the participating municipalities gained an insight into the socio-economic position of these youths. They also gained an indication of the effectiveness of the policy measures introduced to improve the social position of the youths.
We use a number of research methods for these studies. We often use information from existing records, but we regularly also conduct fieldwork ourselves among the migrant groups. This may consist of structured questionnaires, but also (in-depth) interviews with people from the target groups or experts.


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