Examination Processing further information

Necessary for processing an examination:

Electronically-readable examination forms: examination forms must be collected together in advance in a processable pile. Creased, torn or otherwise-damaged forms cannot be processed, or only with difficulty. In using anti-cheating examination forms the teacher must ensure that the right forms are used for each group. A maximum of two groups can be used per examination.

Answers key: we enter the right alternatives for examination questions into the system manually, and then check them together.

Group 1 Correct alternative Group 2
Question 1 =A = question 15
Question 2 C 18
Question 3 B 20

Marks allocation: the normal practice is to take account of a margin of chance for both multiple choice examinations and true or false examinations. For multiple choice examinations with four alternatives this is a quarter of the total number of questions, and for three alternatives it is a third. For true-false examinations it is half of all the questions.
For multiple choice examinations, 1 point is awarded for each correct answer. No points are awarded for incorrect answers or questions which have not been completed. For true-false examinations the marks allocation is 2 points for a correct answer, 1 point for a '?' or non-completed question. No (minus) points are allocated for an incorrect answer.

Name lists: we can retrieve the name lists ourselves (of the students who have registered for an examination through OSIRIS) using an interface.

Credits / external marks: we can add the credits and/or external marks (results of open questions, if present) ourselves after checking the examination (or at a later time). We ask that you deliver the results of credits and/or open questions in an Excel file, digitally. In column A you can process the student numbers, and in column B the external marks/credit points. External marks/credit points must be in whole figures from 1 up to and including 100.

We will send the ultimate results of the examination processing to you digitally. Should further corrections need to be applied later, you can report the corrections to the relevant Risbo staff member by e-mail. After they have been processed you will receive a corrected file.


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