Monitoring Assessment Quality Workshop

Examining Boards bear considerable responsibility for the quality of assessments within the bachelor and master programmes. This entails obligations which demand a great deal of time from the boards' members. Board members also regularly face dilemmas involving assessment policy. How do you determine whether the quality of an assessment is good? How do you monitor and secure the quality of assessments within a programme well? And which instruments are suitable for this in the assessment cycle?

Target group and required prior knowledge
This workshop is primarily intended for members of the examining board, but programme directors, the programme committees and teaching policy makers are also among the target group. Risbo offers this workshop made to order for the faculty or programme.

At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to:
  • Formulate their own visions of the role of the examining board in securing the quality of assessments in various phases of the assessment cycle.
  • Analyse the points in the assessment cycle where the quality of assessments in the programme has been secured sufficiently, and the points where strengthening is needed.
  • Formulate concrete actions to improve securing assessment quality in the programme and setting priorities for this.

Contents and form
We run through the assessment cycle in an interactive discussion workshop. We discuss the attention points in each phase of the assessment cycle and from the role of the examining board, we analyse the strengths and weaknesses in securing assessment quality within the programme, and what actions this requires. The starting point here is the context of the programme/faculty and the current issues.

The workshop takes half a day and can accommodate a maximum of 10 participants. The workshop is held on a day agreed in consultation.


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