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Social media play an increasingly important role in our society. Public organisations also recognise their importance. Social media bring with them a number of challenges and risks, for citizens, companies and public organisations.

Social media allow people to share knowledge and form virtual communities. These virtual communities are also used to discuss social problems, challenges and the proposed or current policy of the government. Individuals or groups can deploy social media effectively to organise themselves as a counter-force, so that these applications fulfil an important role in the processes of mobilisation and counter-mobilisation.

Risbo has closely explored the opportunities, risks and dilemmas of social media for public organisations in a variety of practice-oriented studies. Examples include research into the implications of social media for the strategic abilities of the government, the use of social media by the police and the use of social media by (state) officials.

Our (intended) clients for research in the domain of social media include government ministries, municipalities and the police.

Links to reports (in Dutch):
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