Support for examining boards

Examining boards bear a great deal of responsibility for securing the quality of assessments within the programme. At the same time, high-quality assessments are essential for good education. By way of support Risbo offers examining boards a range of tailor-made services:

External member of the examining board
A Risbo educational advisor can participate in the examining board as an external member, and can take part in the board's meetings. In this role we can work together actively and advise on securing the quality of assessments (in various phases of the assessment cycle), the “OER” and improving the assessment policy .

Support in the development of assessment policy
We can also offer support in the development or review of the assessment policy. Risbo can fulfil a variety of roles here: an active role alongside the examining board through a number of meetings, working on new assessment policy, actually helping to write new assessment policy or the critical reviewing of new assessment policy.

Assessment quality audit
In preparation for a programme accreditation, we can also organise an (external) audit for programmes, aimed specifically at evaluating the assessment quality and securing it. The audit has a formative objective. Based on random sampling, Risbo can carry out an analysis of the quality of assessments in the programme. We can also investigate how the quality of assessments is secured within the programme, and where any aspects for improvement might lie. We report the outcomes of the audit to the programme, and make concrete suggestions for improvement.

Workshop monitoring of assessment quality
Risbo also offers examining boards the workshop Monitoring of assessment quality. In this interactive discussion workshop we help you to formulate a vision of the role of the examining board in securing the quality of assessments in various phases of the assessment cycle. You will also analyse the points in the assessment cycle where the quality of assessments in the programme has been secured sufficiently, and the points where strengthening is needed. We then discuss possible solutions for this together. Finally we formulate concrete actions to improve securing assessment quality in the programme and setting priorities for this.


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