Digital and online assessments

Digital or online assessments are used increasingly to assess students in the interim and/or at the end of a subject or course.

Risbo has the expertise to advise programmes and teachers on the following matters:
  • When do you use digital or online assessments or not?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of digital or online assessments?
  • Under what conditions can digital or online assessments be carried out?
  • How do you develop high-quality digital or online assessments, including questions?
  • How do you build up an item bank for digital or online assessments?
In developing digital or online assessments we opt for a planned approach. In the basic design we concentrate immediately on the question as to which digital or online assessment type is appropriate for the learning objectives and working formats or content of a course or subject. We also investigate what the objectives and functions of the assessment are. Is the assessment intended to improve the learning process, to assess students, or to adjust the behaviour of students?

In the next phase we assist in creating an assessment matrix, so that the validity of the assessment is secured. Finally Risbo can offer support in the development of digital or online assessment questions, including an answer model, pass marks and feedback for the student. We review the developed questions and provide concrete feedback. In the development and evaluation of online or digital assessment questions we use an evidence-based assessment evaluation form.


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