Examination processing

Checking examinations is often a huge job which takes a great deal of time. This is why Risbo offers the option of checking your multiple choice questions quickly and electronically, using an examinations processing monitor. This monitor determines the following statistics for each examination:
  • Per student, the score achieved and the associated mark, the average score and the distribution of the score. For example, 40 point could be achieved in an examination (one per question), and students have achieved 26 points on average. A normal distribution of the number of points achieved can also be analysed.
  • Statistics per question, like d indexes, rir values and p values, indicating the extent to which each question distinguishes between high-scoring students and poorly-scoring students.
  • The reliability of the examination, indicating the degree to which the examination measures the knowledge and skills of students consistently. This is determined by considering how well each question matches the other questions in the examination.

To process an examination we need the electronically-readable forms, an answer key and a marks allocation for the achieved number of points. We can also add extra credits and/or external marks (results from open questions, if present) to the examination. We will send the ultimate results of the examination to you digitally. Click here for a further explanation.

To be able to prepare ourselves well, when making an appointment we note the following details:
  • Contact person with telephone number, subject code and examination date
  • Whether any external marks (open questions or credits) must be added to the final mark. In this case we will book more time for you. Note: the extra credits must be delivered in a txt file (Notepad). The file will only show the student numbers followed by the mark (e.g. 012345 1.5).

Ideally whoever is responsible for the examination (generally the teacher) will be present during the processing, so that we can take any decisions immediately.

Would you like to use Examination Processing? Then please get in touch with Risbo's secretariat (tentamenverwerking@risbo.eur.nl or 010-4082124).

Help in interpreting examination results
Risbo's Education Advisors also have a great deal of knowledge in interpreting the psychometric results of an examination. Experience has taught that having these details analysed along with the examination questions can motivate the review or omission of one or more questions. We can also guide you in drawing up the test, so that you are certain of a valid and reliable measurement of the results.

Would you like to take advantage of this guidance? Then please get in touch with Marit Nieuwenhuys MSc (nieuwenhuys@risbo.eur.nl or 010-4082424).


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