Assessment development and analysis

Risbo supports institutions and programmes in monitoring and securing the quality of their assessments. We offer a range of tailored services for this, both before and after the assessment.

Support in the development of assessments
Risbo can support teachers in developing assessments. Here the learning objectives and teaching activities of a subject are central, and on this basis we help the teacher to choose a suitable assessment format, to create an assessment matrix and to work out the assessment. The developed assessment meets the (scientific) criteria in terms of validity, reliability and transparency.

Educational feedback on draft assessments
Risbo can support teachers by checking their assessments before they are offered, for the following quality criteria:
  • Alignment with learning objectives assessment questions;
  • Construction, clarity, lack of ambiguity and formulation of questions;
  • Sequence, length, comparability, clarity and formulation of the answers;
  • Layout, sequence, division, lay-out of the assessment;
  • Overall picture: number of questions, distribution of knowledge questions and comprehension questions, type of questions.
Risbo's educational advisor will give the teacher concrete feedback and suggestions for improving the assessment.

Analysis of assessments taken
An examination board can ask Risbo to carry out an analysis or quality check on specific assessments once they have been taken. We will then analyse the psychometric details of the assessment and will draw up a short report containing our findings.


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