Support for (programme) accreditation

Having a programme accreditation or an institutional quality assurance assessment running well is vitally important for funding a programme or institution and the recognition of diplomas.

Risbo has the expertise to support programmes or institutions in the preparation of a programme or institutional accreditation. Here we can carry out the following tasks:
  • Organisation of a kick-off meeting intended to set up the writing process well for the critical self-reflection.
  • Supervising the writing process. This means that we review the various draft texts critically using the assessment framework of the NVAO, and that we make concrete recommendations to improve the texts.
  • Assisting in writing the critical self-reflection, naturally in close consultation with the different stakeholders of the programme/institution.
  • Organisation and/or supervision of a trial inspection or 'practice interviews' in preparation for the actual inspection. In the trial inspection a Risbo expert can also act as a panel member from a substantive role (educational) or from a functional role (chairman, secretary).

Interim Programme Evaluations (IPE)
Many programmes and institutions perform interim evaluations or audits between two accreditations. A Risbo expert can work on these interim audits as an external member. Here we can play a substantive (educational) role or a functional one (chairman, secretary).


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