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Risbo has a clear vision of quality control, based on the combination of two methodologies: the INK model and a 'Balanced Score Card' (Ahaus & Diepman, 2010). In the combined model (see the figure below), attention is paid to both crucial processes and their improvement, and to output and results. The model uses the Plan-Do-Check-Act working method.

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A significant benefit of the combination approach of the INK model and a Balanced Score Card is that the strategic starting points (1) of an organisation are translated to various organisational components, but also the network of which the organisation is a part. This benefits an integrated approach to quality control, and makes it logical that policy (6) is formulated from critical success factors, and does not come about separately. At the same time attention is also devoted to the critical processes and to assigning duties, authorities and responsibilities (7). By making a considered choice in indicators and measuring instruments, so that they can be used for multiple success factors, you can prevent the administrative burden on the organisation becoming too great.

Risbo's services for quality control focus on a variety of aspects in the implementation trajectory:
  • Preparation and setting up a quality control system it's important that we work with the client to define critical success factors (CSF). We work from acquiring a broad involvement in the organisation, by translating the vision and mission of the organisation with those involved, into appropriate CSFs. In the sessions we also consider 'quality thinking' and we communicate the associated jargon. From the start we also make a pilot version of an (online) quality control monitor available, to serve as a visual aid in the consideration and design of the intended end-product.
  • Achieving monitoring by setting up suitable instrumentation with its broad experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative (policy) research, Risbo has developed unique expertise in setting up practical monitoring instruments.
  • Assisting in developing policy with the change-oriented expertise of Risbo's educational advisors we can play a role in supporting policy development. Particularly in education and education-related organisations, you can make the best possible use of the specialist knowledge available within Risbo.


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