Online/blended education

Using online or blended education formats can deliver enormous benefits for your programme. By deploying online or blended education formats you can:
  • improve the academic success and/or efficiency and/or quality of your programme further;
  • achieve a growth in the number of students because your education becomes more visible;
  • let your educational design fit optimally with the characteristics of your target group or groups.

Risbo has the educational and didactic expertise to assist you in issues involving online or blended types of education and learning. This support focuses for example on the development of online courses in the shape of MOOCs or SPOCs and of blended educational and learning programmes, in accordance with a systematic approach. We use an inspiring design methodology to first formulate the learning objectives, and bring the characteristics and wishes of the target group into focus. We then support the development of suitable online/blended working formats and learning activities which match the learning objectives. In the development it's important to take account of the concept 'curricular alignment', in other words that the learning objectives, learning activities and assessment must be properly attuned to each other. Finally we help in considering the online/blended supervisory and assessment tools.

Risbo has extensive knowledge on the didactics of online education. This knowledge has been collected and is made accessible through the site


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