Curriculum and course development

Are you intending to review your curriculum, develop new courses or update existing courses? Risbo has the expertise to support you in this.

In the (re)development of your curriculum, a Risbo educational advisor can assist you with the following activities, for instance:
  • (Re)developing the final attainment level of the curriculum.
  • Creating a new didactic model for your curriculum.
  • (Re)developing ongoing curriculum lines of consecutive courses, contents and didactic approaches.
  • Systematic translation of the final attainment levels into learning objectives of the curriculum components;
  • Giving concrete shape to the new curriculum components, including (activating) learning activities, feedback forms and assessment forms.
  • Ensuring that all the components of your curriculum and the curriculum itself are properly aligned. Learning objectives must be a good interpretation of the final attainment levels; within a curriculum component learning objectives, learning activities and the assessment must all match well.

During the support we take into account evidence-based measures which promote the academic success of students. We for instance advise you to plan the curriculum components serially rather than in parallel, we advise you to let students take actively part in educational sessions and to set high expectations for the students, and we help you to consider providing high-quality feedback to your students.
We also take into account innovative developments, like the use of online learning and communication resources and innovative (online) learning activities.


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